We all know that becoming a DJ has certain job hazards, such as glow sticks being thrown in your face, the occasional water bottle that was overzealously aimed, and of course, who could forget the girls that storm the booth. But for Jeff Mills, it's a jungle out there with actual drinks being thrown at his face. If you skip to 1:12 in, watch him get juiced. You may have to watch it a few times over.


It comes as a rule, no matter how minimal the music, no drinks should ever be thrown at the DJ. If the music is indeed so subpar to the public's opinion, there are other nonphysical ways to remove the DJ from the booth.

This is a man who's radio show in Detroit inspired countless of young and aspiring producers. His style and records were admired by the entire metro-Detroit area and beyond. Mills' residencies at the Nectarine Ballroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan were so popular (especially Sunday nights) that rumor was the Ann Arbor township forced the night to be shutdown. Greats like Richie Hawtin and his brother Matthew Hawtin were first introduced to electronic music by listening to Jeff Mills on the radio as kids in Windsor, and hold him in utmost esteem. You can not talk about Detroit Techno without Jeff Mills. His name sits alongside the other greats, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, and Derrick May. Jeff has been awarded the highest honors, being invited to play alongside the Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orchestre National d'ile-de-France. He is more than just a DJ, he is the ultimate electronic musician.

It is sad to see a legend like Jeff Mills treated in such a way. Post-impact, he turns off the music and walks off the stage seemingly amidst a mixture of anger and astonishment. On January 21st, Mills announced that he is retiring his "Wizard" alias after what he believed to be a poor reception of his performance at Movement Festival last year. It seems like the world just wants techno from Mr. Mills!

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