Ilario Alicante
'Sea of Lies'

Supernature’s new EP, 'Sea of Lies' featuring the young and talented Ilario Alicante is rather quiet in its execution. The entire tracklist seems content to move from sound-to-sound, hovering just below the water line, as it delivers a very “aquatic” aesthetic, and creates a sonic texture that’s both muted and reserved in its delivery. Don’t be mistaken though, the sound itself isn’t lacking the pieces needed to make this EP a winner, rather Ilario has succeeded in creating something catchy and substantive without having to resort to a sound that’s too overt. In fact, during the rare instances where the EP does come up for air, most noticeably in “Sea Somone,” the shift towards a more crisp production style only highlights the attention to detail and subtlety that surrounds it.

The EP opens up with the original mix of “Sea of Lies,” and then transitions into a Bruno Pronsato re-work of the same track. Both songs are well suited for setting the tone of the EP, and answer a lot of questions about what the rest of the album will sound like. Their highly arrhythmic nature might be off-putting at first, but they really reward the listener on the second go round as layers get peeled away, revealing a truly rich soundscape that just doesn’t get old. “Love Somone” switches things up a bit, trading in the rounded pads for some sharper hits, but it doesn’t sacrifice continuity for individual expression, and fits in nicely with the other tracks.

Only the Guti re-edit of Ilario’s “Love Signs” makes it on the tracklist (the original mix was lost to cyberspace in a hard drive crash), but it’s a solid offering, and does a good job prodding the imagination into guessing what the original might have sounded like. “Tribute to R” is last on the list, and this one is a ten minute long ball of pent-up potential energy. Who (or what) “R” is, and why it deserves tribute, isn’t made clear in the track, but what is clear is that Ilario’s final song is the perfect way to end things on a high note. It’s on the longer side, but “Tribute to R” pulls all of the best elements from the EP’s previous tracks, and nicely packages them into a praiseworthy finale.

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