Jimmy Nevis quickly became a number one selling artist after the release of his hit single “Heartboxing” in 2012, shooting the fresh-faced singer and songwriter to pop stardom in just under a year.

But after releasing two studio albums and becoming an icon of South African music, he began to experience the underbelly of the industry, sending the talented artist into a difficult period and almost forcing an end to his young career.

“Music became boring for me and I wasn’t finding what I was looking for,” he stated in a press release. “Believe it or not, at the beginning of 2017 I wanted to stop creating music and performing altogether.”

Now at the age of 25, he has undergone a transformation of sorts, which has become the inspiration for his third album Quarter Life Crisis.

He comments saying: “In a way, I think the entire experience had to happen for me to dig as deep as I did to produce what I can now say I’m extremely proud of. This is a fresh start for me.”

“Once I surrendered to and accepted my age, how I look, who I am, what I like and dislike and all that goes along with those emotions and decisions, I also discovered how I truly want my music to sound, which is incredibly important to me as it is a direct reflection of my soul.”

As the precursor to the release of his much-anticipated new album, he has release the first single “Ballin’” today on iTunes. Co-produced by Sketchy Bongo, Nevis states: “The song is about living your best life. It’s all about being fearless!”

“Ballin’” is available here.

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