On Friday October 13th, Italian DJ and producer Lehar released his new EP as part of Dynamic’s Picture series.

It's the first instalment in a series which encourages artists to show off full breadth and depth their sound. And across six tracks, he explores deep, emotive house that shows a real knack for melody.

It follows releases on Endless, Diynamic and sister label 2DIY4, and now the artist gives us a track by track breakdown of how he made each piece what inspired them.

A1. Dream

"This is the first of the six tracks that was created. I did the whole track using the Dave Smith OB-6 and a 909 as a groove machine. I used the bassline in a different way this time compared to my old productions, in this case and in most of the album (except for "The Last Track") the bassline continues after the first minute throughout the whole track until the end.

A very characteristic thing of my production is the beginning where usually I like to use some chords/strings to introduce the listener to the atmosphere of the track. Another element I used, which is one of the main sounds of this composition, the OB-6 Piano; with this one I created the main melody of the song."

B1. Declaration 

"This is the first time I used a voice sample. It is more like a sound than a real singing voice, I found it while I was playing with the 909. I remember I was trying to enrich the groove a bit and then I jumped on this one which fitted perfectly, just a little tuning down and that's it. This was made in the second week of work, at that time I had already finished the "Metrotango" track, "Dream" and "Dance of the Last Man"."

B2. The R.E.M. Phase

"This is the last track of the mini LP I have produced, the OB-6 sound, which goes from the beginning until the end, mixes itself with the Moog bassline which gives a dance floor imprint to the production. The OB-6 pad sound during the whole song transforms itself, becoming almost aggressive. I did this with a simple cut off resonance game.

The sound of the groove is very smooth and goes very well with the synths sounds. For this track I used three different types of shakers, which I recorded all live. The kick is not too strong as well and less woody than I used to use in past productions."

C1. Metrotango

"n "Metrotango" every element used is very strong. The first thing you will listen to is the bassline, which I found in the OB-6, full of mid-low frequencies on purpose, so it has a very big impact on the dance floor. The woody kick fits with the bassline, and I used some esoteric Oberhaim sounds for a mind trip. At one point the main part of the track is characterised by the bassline note changing.
The strong crashes fit with the sweet piano melody (from the OB-6) bringing you to another trip then ending all this with an epic Omnisphere kind of horn sound."

D1: Dance Of The Last Man

"A very long track and full of elements, the groove is so rich and gives a very ethnic appeal together with the Indian flute sound. The piano gives a house touch and together with the rest the song seems unique for its genre.

What I love to do with my productions is put together different sounds (strong ones and smooth ones) creating a more unique atmosphere in this way. Like in "Metrotango," I used some crashes (recorded live!) to reinforce the groove."

D2: The Last Track

"Full of emotion and very melodic with a Moog Voyager bassline played like I used to do it in my past productions, this 10 minute composition is in my idea of a nice good bye to the people after a night full of emotions. The night I was making this, I thought I wanted to do something for the end of a night; during the All Through the Night tour I collected many ideas and inspirations. This is made thinking of all those moments I was ending a night with a smile and full of positive emotions.

Reverb and delay in the background create a dreamy atmosphere, and of course a sound coming from OB-6 gives the melodic signature together with the bassline and the piano, which comes and goes. I gave the track an "up and down" for the end of a set, when the track seems to be about to explode, and then it goes again down. But then in the end it opens itself to a piano free melody which brings you slowly to the end of the song and of the night... maybe."

For more in Lehar head to his Facebook page, and to buy the release head to Beatport.