Eric Prydz is easily one of today's most celebrated producers. And even if you aren't a fan of his proggy, melodic house, his ability to ignite the world's biggest dance floors using his own productions is undeniable.

Which is why news of a new Prydz alias is exciting for any fan. This time the Swede—who's previously released under aliases like Pryda and Cirez D—has unleashed a brand-new four track EP as Tonja Holma with the Tonja EP, and it's pure Prydz gold.

Prydz has actually been playing a few of these tracks for several years now. Though fans will know Eric is notorious for sitting on his music for long stretches of time before finally sharing it with the public. Exactly why his appeal as a producer is in a league of its own.

Buy it here, and check out the full EP below.