Following his breakout debut album Code, Berghain resident Answer Code Request will release Gens next month.

Gens comes via Ostgut Ton, and much like Answer Code Request's (real name Patrick Gräser) first album, it mostly eschews traditional techno rhythms, criss-crossing IDM, ambient jungle, atmospheric breakbeats and 4/4 for a sinister and otherworldly experience that channels the mood of today.

“For me, the album was a way of finding myself again without relying on other music—even to distance myself from other music,“ Gräser explained in a press release. “The more shadowy mood comes from a place of experimentation, and from my desire to go deeper into the sounds of synths and instruments I’ve been using, and even faster speeds of around 160 bpm. But in a way the instruments were a kind of medium to abstractly conduct what was happening around me and the world.”

Gens will be released on February 23rd on 2x vinyl, digital or CD, and the official release party will happen at Berghain on February 24th, with more European dates lined up through March.

Full tracklisting below. Find out more about Gens at the Ostgut Ton website

Tracklisting 2xLP:
A1. Gens
A2. Sphera
A3. Ab Intus
B1. Sensa
B2. knbn2
B3. Orarum
C1. Mora
C2. Cicadae
C3. Res
D1. Audax
D2. Tu
D3. An Unattainable Distance

Photo credit: Sven Marquardt