Lana Del Rey took to Twitter last weekend claiming that British alt-rock band Radiohead had laid charges against her for plagiaristic similarities between her song “Get Free” and their 1993 hit “Creep”.

In the tweet she stated the band would only accept 100 percent of publishing rights. But today, a spokesperson for Radiohead’s publisher Warner/Chappell has denied the report.

The spokesperson stated that discussions about writing credits have taken place, but are still ongoing, and yet to be brought to court.

The statement reads: ”As Radiohead’s music publisher, it’s true that we’ve been in discussions since August of last year with Lana Del Rey’s representatives. It’s clear that the verses of “Get Free” use musical elements found in the verses of “Creep”, and we’ve acknowledged in favor of all writers of “Creep”.

To set the record straight, no lawsuit has been issued and Radiohead have not said ‘they will only accept 100 percent of the publishing of “Get Free”.”

Radiohead were originally sued for plagiarism regarding similarities of "Creep" and "The Air That I Breathe" by The Hollies, who released the song in 1974. Radiohead later added song writers Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood of The Hollies to writing credits.

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