Two Australian bureaucrats spent more than AU$27,000 of taxpayer money attending a "research trip" at Burning Man.

The officials, John Drummond Montgomery and Rebecca Mantle, who are Tourism and Events Queensland executives, "met with key international event partners" and went "to gain insights into current trends, ideas, themes and logistics of a large-scale festival," according to documents.

While the two senior public servants did attend on behalf of the Queensland Government, some politicians slammed the trip as "obscene" and lacking in credibility, ABC reports

Though a TEQ spokeswoman said they were researching for a similar festival they hoped would be launched in the outback of Queensland, calling Burning Man a "benchmark" for large-scale festivals held in remote locations. 

"Two TEQ representatives went to examine aspects of the event delivery to inform an Outback event concept we are currently developing," she said.

"That included event logistics, safety and communications."

Maybe that means Queensland will be getting its own version of Burning Man soon. Or that two execs just had the trip of a lifetime on the taxpayer's dime.