Glaswegian duo Slam are known the world over as two of techno's biggest names, regularly playing heavy, thundering cuts on the world's biggest stages.

Butf Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle have also long been fond of dub and atmospheric, releasing seven Soma Coma compilations on their storied Soma record label—a series that explores drone and ambient from a wide range of producers.

Now the duo make their own mark on leftfield electronica with Anthenæum 101, a 20-track compilation that's entirely 101 BPM and lasts for one hour and one-minute long. It's also a very personal album for the duo—especially McMillan.

“This album is quite personal for me as I've had a challenging year in more ways than one, so this has been a very cathartic and emotive process for me," he says.

"It's also an escape from purely listening to techno and being involved in producing techno mainly for the dance floor for the most. Most people maybe only see and hear that side of Slam, but as with most people, there are many sides."

Slam's Anthenæum 101 will be released via Soma Records on CD and digitally this November 30th, 2018

1. 00.00
2. 00.48.860
3. 01.26.732
4. 03.01.039
5. 05.09.059
6. 08.02.970
7. 09.06.831
8. 12.37.870
9. 17.33.850
10. 21.04.158
11. 24.42.770
12. 28.02.376
13. 33.06.534
14. 37.17.227
15. 40.42.771
16. 43.48.118
17. 47.40.991
18. 52.02.376
19. 55.31.484
20. 58.04.150