If you don't follow Berlin Club Memes on Instagram, do yourself a favour and make that happen now before continuing on with this article.

The page is a veritable treasure trove of hilarious memes about, well, Berlin club culture, and is followed by acts like Avalon Emerson, Roman Flügel, Fjaak and many others. Its humour might get a little obscure for anyone not living in or familiar with life in the German capital, but even for the casual Berlin club goer, the jokes rarely miss.

And now Berlin Club Memes is in the t-shirt business, with a shirt they say will get you into Berghain. How? Well, it says so right on the shirt. And it's black. So really, it *has* to work.

You can buy one for yourself here. But don't come complaining to us if this shirt lands you on the ban list.