In another major announcement for streaming giant SoundCloud, the platform says you'll now be able share tracks directly to your Instagram stories.

This news follows closely another other major announcement from the brand—a partnership with Serato, Native Instruments and several other DJ software brands that will soon allow streaming directly to your DJ gear from the platform's 190 million tracks. SoundCloud also recently gave creators the option to monetize original content.

Both options are only available with paid memberships, and are clearly designed to help make the company profitable. SoundCloud has long struggled publicly to find a path towards profitability.

The ability to publish tracks on Instagram seems likely to further help the company's situation. Instagram is rapidly becoming more popular than Facebook with younger generations.

To capitalize on that market yourself, first download the latest version of the SoundCloud app. Then do the following: 

"Tap the share icon at the bottom of your screen; tap the Instagram icon or select “Share to Instagram Stories” (depending on what phone you’re using), and share the link with all your followers directly to your Instagram Story." (Taken from a recent blog post.)

So, will you be using this new feature? Seems pretty enticing to us.