At just 18 years old, Boundary’s sound belies his age. Which is even more incredible when you learn he’s completely self taught, having learned how to make dusty acid house and lo-fi sounds through YouTube videos, “getting inspired through the music I love,” he says.

Drawing comparisons to artists like Aphex Twin, Legowelt, Four Tet and Ross From Friends, EPs and singles like  'Confirmado Por Aquellos', 'Baltak', 'Fantasmagórico' and 'Mi Transferencia No. 2' have earned him serious praise from high places—even NTS gave the him a slot this April.

His latest EP, 'Aerodynamics Of Multimedia', is out December 7th via LA label Point Records, and the first single, 'Critica Veintena,'released a few weeks ago, got its very own uniquely trippy video, which you can watch here.

Boundary is already working on a ton of new material, and even has an EP coming out on Belgium’s finest techno stable. But before then, we caught up for a quick chat to get to know this artist on the rise, and he provided an hour-long mix of classic drum & bass.

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve been working on my next full-length album and also revisiting some old sketches I had on my computer.

Where and when was the mix recorded?

This mix was recorded on November 29th at Point Records in Los Angeles.

What equipment did you use, and what was the idea behind the mix?

I used a pair of CDJ-2000NXS and a Xone:92. I’ve been listening to a lot of d&b lately and I wanted to make a mix of ‘90s and early ‘00s d&b tracks that felt special to me.

You’re only 17-years-old. How long have you been DJing and producing, and how did you first get into both?

I’ve been DJing and producing for 3 and a half years now. I actually got into DJing first by downloading Traktor and I learned how to use it with the mouse, then a year later I started working on my own music with Logic but then I moved to Ableton.

The video for the first single, ‘Critica Veintena’, from your Aerodynamics Of Multimedia EP on LA label Point Records is very unique. Can you explain the idea behind it and what it entails?

 It was inspired by the press and the description of my music by media and friends.

What hardware and software are you mainly using to produce with?

I work on Ableton Live and use the Push as my main controller, I also use the Yamaha DX100, Cyclone TT-303 and the Octatrack.

What’s the scene like in the Dominican Republic? Are there any local clubs or parties we should know about?

The electronic music scene in the DR has been growing quite a lot in the past years but revolves a lot around tech house. Collective and record label El Cuarto Elástico are the ones who are pushing the boundaries of electronic music parties in the DR.

Are you playing anywhere these days?

I’ll be playing live upstairs at the Ace Hotel DTLA this December 8th for free from 2 to 7 PM.

Any plans to move to Europe? Or are you happy at home for now?

I haven’t really thought about it but I am indeed very happy at home still.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on some big releases with R&S Records for 2019. More info soon!