We are Pulse. Since 2011, we've established ourselves as one of the world’s favourite destinations for millenials that live and breathe the cultural phenomenon that is Electronic Dance Music.

Our publishing network covers the globe, with joint-venture partners in the EU, Asia and the Americas: ensuring 24/7 access to engaging editorial content, streaming music and breaking news.

Our platform provides the ability for our viewers to break the wall and curate their own take on youth culture with “MyPulse” and helps promoters monetize their events with our world-class ticketing and events platform.

As a credible and forward-thinking destination that doesn’t shy from a laugh, we’ve built a loyal following and an amazing way for our partners to connect with them.

We are the partner of choice to connect brands with discerning audiences that are immersed in Electronic Dance Culture. From customised editorial/brand crossovers to our cutting edge programmatic native advertising, and our in-house events agency, we are the heart of electronic music. Get in touch with us to request a media kit and discuss your requirements:

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